Pick A Stitch - We'll show you how

The knitting stitch library you store
on your computer

Hundreds of stitches, just a mouse click away
Simple to use, downloadable software
Print charts or written instructions

Pick-A-Stitch™ is the first and only Digital Knitting Stitch Collection.

Full color photographs of every pattern, you can even change the colors.

Easy to read charts or written instructions; print it out, take it with you, they fit in your knitting bag.

Click to view video demo

Pick-A-Stitch™ is the easy convenient way to explore your own unique knitting creativity!

Pick-A-Stitch™ is compatible with Windows 8, 7, 98, Vista and XP; Macintosh OS 10.5 and above. It is currently unavailable for iPads or tablets.

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